Traxens – Smart Containers to Give you Maximum Traceability

As part of the CMA CGM Group, ANL has partnered with Traxens to offer smart technology on dry containers. Through the transmission of tracking data on container movement and condition you have more transparency, safety and potential cost efficiency than ever before.

TRAXENS gives you 24/7 access to your cargo so that you can seamlessly track it anywhere, any time. Our user-friendly hub allows efficient analytics, easy set-up of alerts and personalized notifications: you will therefore be quickly notified of any event that may impact your cargo delivery or quality, and be able to make the right decision on time, like initiating exception management and emergency sourcing plans if needed.

Benefits of using Traxens

? Access geographic position and geofence capabilities

? Near real time status updates & shock detection

? Gain access to decisive data for insurance procedures

? Location and door opening data to identify security challenges

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